Attention New Mothers...

"How Would You Like To Slip Back Into Your Pre-Pregnancy Jeans And Regain Confidence, With A Fitness Program Geared Specifically For New Moms That Will Have You Looking And Feeling Better Than Ever?"

Here's Your Opportunity! My 30 Minute Sessions Will Not Only Get You Super Fit, But Also Get You In and Out Of The Gym In No Time, Allowing You To Get Back To Your Little Bundle Of Joy!


From: Mark Mancilla, Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Dear New Mom,

Are you ready to get to your pre-pregnancy shape or better? So you've tried every diet, pill, exercise routine and gimmick out there. I've got great news for you. Yes, there really is a way for you to rapidly transform your body without spending hours in the gym or starving yourself on restrictive diets.

"Imagine how good it will feel to slip into your pre-pregnancy jeans." The compliments will start rolling in and you'll feel sexy and confident like never before. Yes you can have the body you've always wanted but first you have to discover the secret."

Here it is...are you ready?       

The New Mom's "I Want My Body Back" Fitness Program

If you're serious about weight loss and getting back to your pre-prenancy shape , than the I Want My Body Back Fitness Program is your blueprint for success. This is the most comprehensive package with personal training, cardio program design, a metabolic profile and nutritional consulting.

The foundation of this personal training program comes from my book and training system. I will take you step by step through the program while providing you with all the motivation, education and support you'll need.

About The "I Want My Body Back" Program

What: The "I Want My Body Back " body transformation program is a personal fitness training program where we will meet 3 times per week for thirty minutes.

Where: All workouts will take place at Club Fitness Addiction on the corner of Beach Blvd. and Adams Ave, in Huntington Beach, CA.
When: Consistency is key! Because we are meeting 3 days per week, we will choose 3 time slots that work around your busy schedule and try our best to keep them consistent throughout the length of your program.
Who: All sessions will be conducted by me, Mark Mancilla!
Your Investment: Depends on your goals, motivation and budget. To learn more sign up for a complementary consulation by simply filling out the form below.
Here's What You Could Look Forward to By The Completion of the Inital 12 Weeks...
  • 15-25 lbs. Weight Loss
  • 8-10% Reduction in Body Fat
  • 3-6 inch Decrease in Your Midsection
  • Significant Improvement in Overall Strength
  • Increase in ENERGY
  • A 100% Gain in Self Confidence!

But Wait...There's Even More...

I could stop at my unique, and extremely effective 30-minute personal training sessions but that alone won't get you the body you're after. So I'm pulling out all the stops and giving you $182 in SPECIAL BONUSES when you sign up for the "I Want My Body Back" Fitness Program immediately! (these bonuses will no longer be available after the deadline date)
Personal Fitness Audit: We'll sit down and talk about the exact steps we need to make sure we get you get back into your skinny jeans. ($79 Value)
Nutriton Coaching Session: Together, we'll take a look at the different phases of my nutrition program and make any changes or answer any questions. This will ensure that the program will fit into your new mom lifestyle. ($59 Value)
Max Body Blueprint Manual: This jam-packed manual includes all the nutrition and cardio information you'll need as well as a food and exercise journal. This is the real SECRET to my client's success! ($29 Value)
Subscription to My Better Body Fitness Newsletter: This fitness newsletter will be sent to your home monthly with healthy recipes, even more helpful fitness tips and special offers! ($15 Value)

Special Offer For A No Obligations, No Risk, No Gimmicks FREE Trial of the "I Want My Body Back" Program!

I'm confident that you'll love my program but I want to make your decision absolutely risk-free. Fill in the webform at the bottom and request a FREE no-obligations trial. I provide a 100% money back guarantee on all our services if you're not completely satisfied. Schedule your trial today, you'll be glad you did. Hope to see you soon!

Mark Mancilla
Max Body Fitness
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